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Web Soil Survey 3.1 — New Features and Fixes

Masthead for Web Soil Survey.

Area of Interest (AOI) - performance improvement

  • Sped up AOI definition for large Soil Survey Area, hand-drawn and shapefile AOIs. 

Area of Interest (AOI) - increased import Shapefile flexibility

New varieties of shapefiles may be used to define the Area of Interest

  • Any Z or M values in Polygon shapefiles will be ignored.
  • Lines (“polylines”) may be used to define AOI polygon boundaries as long as the string of line segments forms a closed polygon; any associated Z or M values will be ignored.
  • Multiple polygons or closed line segment strings may be included in the shapefile, allowing creation of an AOI consisting of disjointed polygons. Up to 100 distinct polygonal areas may be defined for a single AOI.
  • Polygons may now include interior voids. For example, lakes situated within an area of interest may now be excluded from the AOI.
  • There is at present no method through the user interface for defining AOIs containing multiple polygons or polygons with interior voids.
  • Note that reports still aggregate results by mapunit across the entire AOI.

Additional Enhancements

  • Performance - reduced size of map image for “Printable Version” and “Custom Soil Resource Reports”.
  • Improved quality of map images.
  • On the home page, added a link to a guide that lists the location of maps, reports, and tables found underneath the Soil Data Explorer tab.

Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer necessary to click “View Rating” when switching between “Suitabilities and Limitations for Use”, “Soil Properties and Qualities” and/or “Ecological Site Assessment” sub-tabs to restore previously-viewed ratings.
  • The user must now choose Rangeland or Forestland for Ecological Site Assessment if data for both exist in the selected AOI.
  • In Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Quick Navigation, not being specific-enough when specifying Township, Range or Section no longer causes an error.
  • Specifying an invalid Soil Survey Area in the URL now results in an informative error message and no longer terminates Web Soil Survey.
  • An error no longer occurs if orthophotography is not selected and the Microsoft Bing service is unavailable.
  • Fixed an occasional case where the Hydrologic Unit layer was not displayed.
  • Fixed an occasional case where the Soil Survey Area layer could not be drawn.
  • Increased timeout to allow reports to succeed for large Survey Area AOIs.
  • Fixed a problem viewing plant community information when there are two plant community phases with the same name.
  • Allowed multiple attempts to retrieve database content for map creation.
  • Unpublished surveys are no longer included in Download lists.
  • Removed obsolete “Geospatial One Stop” link.
  • Fixed type of exported shapefile in case where shapefile is empty.
  • Fixed misleading help text regarding template files in download packages.
  • Fixed broken Privacy Policy link.