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Minna Bluff, Antarctica

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Minna Bluff Soil Climate Research Station

Minna Bluff Soil Climate Station

Minna Bluff station is one of nine long-term soil-climate stations in Antarctica that were set up such that the effects of latitude, elevation, and soil age could be studied. The Minna Bluff station was established in January of 2003 and is located on the coast adjacent to the Ross Ice Shelf. The Minna Bluff station is located on patterned ground at an elevation of 37 m (120 ft). This station monitors soil temperature to a depth of 107 cm, soil water content (2, 5, 15, 25, 38, 60, and 94 cm depths), air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, and wind (speed and direction). Measurements are made at 20-minute intervals and averaged and recorded every hour.

Project Personnel

  • Landcare Research, Hamilton, New Zealand
    • Jackie Aislabie
    • Malcolm McLeod
  • Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand
    • Megan Balks
  • University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
    • David Saul
    • Cathy Seybold, National Soil Survey Center
    • Debbie Harms, National Soil Survey Center
  • Logistics support provided by Antarctica New Zealand Antarctica New Zealand logo

Minna Bluff Readings

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