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Amendments to Soil Taxonomy, 1975 (obsolete)

Agriculture Handbook 436, Soil Taxonomy, A Basic System of Soil Classification for Making and Interpreting Soil Surveys, was published in December 1975. It is the taxonomic soil classification system used in the United States and many other countries. Because the system is dynamic, amendments to accommodate new facts and soils in new places are periodically required to keep it current. Between 1982 and 1996, the Soil Conservation Service (now Natural Resources Conservation Service) issued 18 substantive amendments through agency directives known as the “National Soil Taxonomy Handbook (NSTH)”. These amendments transmitted the interim changes to the system. The 19th and final issue of the NSTH (July 1998) canceled all the previous issues (1-18) and designated the eighth edition of the Keys to Soil Taxonomy as the official replacement. The eighth edition of the Keys to Soil Taxonomy reflects all the changes and additions contained in the second edition of Soil Taxonomy, 1999. These now obsolete amendments are provided here only for historical information on changes to the original 1975 publication.

National Soil Taxonomy Handbook (430-VI-NSTH)

Issue No. 1, March 1982 (PDF; 693 KB)

Issue No. 2, October 1982 (PDF; 563 KB)

Issue No. 3, August 1983 (PDF; 361 KB)

Issue No. 4, October 1984 (PDF; 346 KB)

Issue No. 5, January 1985 (PDF; 279 KB)

Issue No. 6, August 1985 (PDF; 423 KB)

Issue No. 7, October 1985 (PDF; 339 KB)

Issue No. 8, September 1986 (PDF; 2.5 MB)

Issue No. 9, October 1986 (PDF; 176 KB)

Issue No. 10, May 1987 (PDF; 483 KB)

Issue No. 11, November 1987 (PDF; 2.6 MB)

Issue No. 12, June 1988 (PDF; 629 KB)

Issue No. 13, October 1989 (PDF; 12.5 MB)

Issue No. 14, March 1991 (PDF; 613 KB)

Issue No. 15, August 1991 (PDF; 1.8 MB)

Issue No. 16, August 1992 (PDF; 11.5 MB)

Issue No. 17, April 1994 (PDF; 4.4 MB)

Issue No. 18, March 1996 (PDF; 4.9 MB)

Issue No. 19, July 1998 (PDF; 28 KB)