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NSSH Amendment 10

This is a summary of changes to the NSSH. The official copy of the NSSH is the Web version. For paper copies of the handbook, download the updated Word files on the Web.

Part 606

Revised part 606.02 on procedure to route MOU.

Revised Part 606.04 (f)   plans for joining adjacent surveys,

Part 608

Revised part 608.01, 608.11, exhibit 608-5, exhibit 608-7 in the reference to joins.

Part 609

Revised parts 609.04,609.05, 609.06 to define exact and acceptable joins and where to use them.

Added Exhibit 609-2 List of Soil Property or Quality Attributes for Joining

Part 610

Revised exhibit 610-3 to coincide with the definition of an exact join.

Part 614

Revised references to permeability and permeability classes to correspond with elimination of the terminology and replacement by saturated hydraulic conductivity.

Revised exhibit 614-2 in the general content of series description to illustrate neutral color description as N 5/  to coincide with other references.

Revised 614.06 concerning the management of tentative soil series in the OSD and SC files.

Part 618

Changed references to permeability in most all sections to saturated hydraulic conductivity.

Changed reference to the Soil Survey Laboratory Manual to the latest version.

Revised part 618.03 for url for NASIS metadata.

Revised 618.04 Albedo definition to clarify ratio.

Revised 618.23 Excavation difficulty to clarify conditions.

Revised part 618.35 Hydrologic Group.  (Major change by engineering division is pending.)

Revised part 618.39 Organic Matter to reflect change in laboratory procedure.

Revised part 618.42 Particle Size to clarify measurement.

Revised part 618.44 Permeability replaced with Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity to reflect the decision to eliminate permeability.  Renumbered as part 618.50.

Revised part 618.48 Restriction Hardness to reflect wording in the Soil Survey Manual.

Revised part 618.50 Runoff (renumbered to part 618.49) with new guide to correspond with guide used in the Soil Survey Manual plus addition of overriding conditions. Terminology changed to reflect Soil Survey Manual.

Renumbered parts 618.44 through 618.50 to correspond with drop of permeability.

Revised part 618.68 Water One tenth Bar and part 618.69 Water One-Third Bar to clarify measurement procedures

Revised part 618.72 Wind Erodibility Group and Index to clarify significance and estimates

Revised Exhibit 618-9 Guide for Estimating Ksat from Soil Properties to correspond with guidance in the Soil Survey Manual. (complete change from proposal).

Revised Exhibit 618-10 changed with new values and reference.

Replaced Exhibit 618-16 Wind Erodibility Groups and Index.

Pat 622

Revised 622.07 Forestland and 622.09 Rangeland into one part titled Ecological sites, reordered the other parts that follow.

Part 627

Revised part 627.04 concerning documentation of soils of minor extent.

Revised part 627.05 concerning the naming of components with miscellaneous areas.

Revised 627.05(e), 627.08, 627.09, and exhibit 627-6 to reflect work of the documentation team and changes to ecological correlation procedures.

Added Exhibit 627-8

Part 647

Revised part 647.01, exhibit 647-1, exhibit 647-3 to coincide with the join policy.