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Field Book Acknowledgements

The science and knowledge in this document are distilled from the collective experience of thousands of dedicated soil scientists during the more than 100 years of the National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS) program. A special thanks is due to these largely unknown stewards of the natural resources of this nation.

Special thanks and recognition are extended to those who contributed extensively to the preparation and production of this book: the soil scientists from the NRCS and NCSS cooperators who reviewed and improved it; Tammy Umholtz for document preparation and graphics; and the NRCS Soil Science Division for funding it.

Proper citation for this document is:

Schoeneberger, P.J., D.A. Wysocki, E.C. Benham, and Soil Survey Staff. 2012. Field book for describing and sampling soils, Version 3.0. Natural Resources Conservation Service, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, NE.