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2008 Southern Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference Posters

Poster Title Author(s)
The Subsurface Anatomy of the Northwest Tennessee’s Sand Blows: Remnants of the New Madrid Earthquakes
Text (PDF; 29 KB)
John Ammons, Univ. of Tennessee
Wavelet Analysis of Soil Reflectance for the Characterization of Soil Properties
Text (PDF; 64 KB)
Ali Bilgili, Cornell Univ.
Soil Interpretations for Intensive Forest Biomass Harvesting
Text (PDF; 155 KB)
Christine Bliss, USFS, Southern Research Station
Effective LIDAR Deployment for Terrain Analysis with GIS Dwain Daniels, USDA, Ft. Worth, TX
Digital Soil Mapping of Soil Phosphorus in the Santa Fe River Watershed
Text (PDF; 30 KB)
Jinseok Hong, Univ. of Florida
NASIS 6.0: What’s New?
Text (PDF; 26 KB)
Jim Fortner, National Soil Survey Center, NRCS, Lincoln, NE
Web Soil Survey 2.1: What’s New?
Text (PDF; 25 KB)
Jim Fortner, National Soil Survey Center, NRCS, Lincoln, NE
Remote-Sensing Supported Analysis of Soil Properties in Water Conservation Area 1, Everglades
Text (PDF; 29 KB)
Tiffany Kapner, Univ. of Florida
Soil Workshops for Health Department Users
Text (PDF; 57 KB)
Thomas Macfie, Soil Science Inc.
Using VNIR Spectroscopy to Rapidly Quantify the Coefficient of Linear Extensibility in Texas Soils
Text (PDF; 86 KB)
Katrina Hutchison, Texas A&M Univ.
Estimating Crack Volume in Two Shrink-Swell Soils
Text (PDF; 77 KB)
Katrina Hutchison, Texas A&M Univ.
Multivariate Approaches for Dynamic Soil Property Characterization in Some Southeastern U.S. Coastal Plain Map Units
Text (PDF; 73 KB)
Joey Shaw, Auburn Univ.
Comparison of Soil Information System and Field Data to Measure Soil Organic Carbon
Text (PDF; 35 KB)
Gustavo Vasques, Univ. of Florida