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2004 South Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference - Papers and Downloads

Biloxi, Mississippi

June 7 - June 10, 2004


2004 Agenda (DOC; 41 KB)


2004 Minutes (DOC; 28 KB)


Not all speakers provided copies of their presentations for inclusion into these proceedings.

Director's Message (DOC; 2.18 MB)
        Maxine Levin

MLRA Soil Survey Region #15 Program Status (DOC; 17.4 MB)
        Charles Love, Alabama State Soil Scientist/MO-15 Team Leader

2004 National Technical Committee for Hydric Soils Meeting Report (DOC; 40 KB)
        Karl W. Hipple, National Soil Survey Center (NSSC)

NSSC Soil Survey Interpretations Staff Report (DOC; 40 KB)
        Karl W. Hipple, National Leader, Soil Survey Interpretations, NSSC

Mica Research Project (DOC; 33.1 MB)
        John Kelly, SDQS, MO-14 Office, Raleigh, NC

Working together to Market Soils (DOC; 56 MB)
        Gary Muckel, NSSC

Moisture, Temperature, and Pressure Relationships within Vertisols (DOC; 13.5 MB)

Defining Growing Season from Measured Soil Temperature (DOC; 17 MB)
        Jacqueline A. Prudente

National Soil Interpretations Advisory Group of the National Cooperative Soil Survey (DOC; 3.45 MB)
        Karl W. Hipple, Sponsor’s Representative to NSIAG

Agenda of MO 14, 15, 16 & 18 State Soil Scientist Meeting (DOC; 28.5 KB)

Soil Data Warehouse Current Developments and Future Plans (DOC; 2.51 MB)
        Karl W. Hipple, National Leader, Soil Survey Interpretations, NSSC

National Soil Survey Digitizing (DOC; 3.61 MB)
        Ken Lubich (author). Presented by: Dennis Potter, Missouri State Soil Scientist

Performance Measures (DOC; 10.1 MB)
        Maxine Levin, Soil Survey Division