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Mobile Data Collection Sub-Team

Team Lead

Alena Stephens

Team Members

Dwain Daniels, NRCS, Fort Worth, Texas
Matthew Dorman, NRCS, Tolland, Connecticut
Charles Ferguson, NRCS, Lincoln, Nebraska
Martin Figueroa, NRCS, North Ft Myers, Florida
Kevin Godsey, NRCS, Marble Hill, Missouri
Dillon Gray, NRCS, Pinedale, Wyoming
John Hammerly, NRCS, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jacob Isleib, NRCS, Tolland, Connecticut
Drew Kinney, NRCS, Lincoln, Nebraska
Benjamin Marshall, NRCS, Frederick, Maryland
Andrew Paolucci, NRCS , Madison, Wisconsin
Nathan Parry, NRCS, Wasilla, Alaska
Grant Petersen, NRCS, Dillon, Montana
Dan Pulido, NRCS, Atlantic, Iowa
Randy Riddle, NRCS, Templeton, California
Joshua Robino, NRCS, Bozeman, Montana
Shawn Salley, NRCS, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Alena Stephens, NRCS, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kyle Stephens, NRCS, Portland, Oregon

Team Charges

  • Document pros and cons of existing mobile data collection software and hardware
  • Make recommendations for new mobile data collection systems, both hardware and software
  • Create a list of trainings available to field staff interested in mobile data collection
  • Provide database support to the National Soil Survey Center