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Dynamic Soil Properties for Soil Health (DSP4SH) Virtual Symposium

Through the Science of Soil Health initiative, cooperators are collecting dynamic soil properties (DSPs). A common set of soil health metrics are collected across regions and soils and the information gathered will be linked to soil survey DSP databases and products. In this virtual symposium, cooperators share information about the individual project plans, challenges, and results.

The full playlist can be found at

Topic Presenter(s) Document
Overview of Science of Soil Health and DSP4SH Projects Dr. Skye Wills, USDA-SPSD-NSSC Brief
(PDF; 1.15 MB)
Soil Health Metrics in Cecil Soils Under Tillage and Hay Systems Caitlin Caudle, North Carolina State University Abstract
(PDF; 72 KB)
Bridging Abiotic and Biotic Indicators of Soil Health Katherine Naasko, Washington State University (currently with PNNL) Abstract
(PDF; 77 KB)
Dynamic Soil Properties: Keith Series Benchmark Study Dr. DeAnn Presley and
Dr. Peter Tomlinson, Kansas State University
(PDF; 76 KB)
Cover Crops Benefits to Soil Health Dr. Katie L. Lewis, Texas A&M AgriLife Description
(PDF; 90 KB)
Carbon Stocks of Sandy and Clay Loam Soils in West Texas Cropping Systems Joseph Burke, Texas A&M Agrilife Description
(PDF; 89 KB)
Soil Health Across a Kansas Precipitation Gradient James Lin, Kansas State University Description
(PDF; 127 KB)
Dynamic Soil Properties of Carbon in the Willamette Valley, Oregon Regina O’Kelley, Oregon State University Description
(PDF; 66 KB)
Soil Organic Matter Fractions in Row Crop Systems Managed with Conventional and Organic Management Practices (PDF; 61.4 MB) Mario Nunez, University of Illinois Poster
(PDF; 61.4 MB)
Field Infiltration Measurements for Soil Health Assessments Dr. Huijie Gan, University of Connecticut Abstract
(PDF; 59 KB)
The Dry Side of Soil Health: A New Framework for Soil Health Management in Arid Agroecosystems Dr. Joseph Blankenship,
Dr. Kirsten Ball, and
Chance Muscarella, University of Arizona
(PDF; 93 KB)
The Science of Soil Health: Hawaiʻi (PDF; 5.11 MB) Dr. Susan E. Crow, University of Hawaii Description
(PDF; 93 KB)
Joint “Dynamic Soil Properties for Soil Health” Project Between the University of Maryland Eastern – Shore and Alabama A&M University Dr. Dedrick Davis, Alabama A&M University Summary
(PDF; 68 KB)
Changes in Dynamic Soil Properties Across a Conservation Tillage Chrono-Sequence in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (PDF; 1.98 MB) Luzyannet Ballesteros, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Abstract
(PDF; 161 KB)
Validating NRCS Dynamic Soil Health Indicators in a Silt Loam Soil in Southern Minnesota Sharon Perrone, University of Minnesota Description
(PDF; 65 KB)
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