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CESU Agreements - Statements of Work

Fiscal Year 2018

Align Land Resource Unit (LRUs) Concepts (PDF; 82 KB)

Apply Digital Soil Mapping Techniques on Soil Texture Class for Precision Agriculture (PDF; 54 KB)

Complete Work on the Henry Mount Soil Temperature and Water Database (PDF; 94 KB)

Conservation Planning and Interpretations: Mobile App Delivery (PDF; 105 KB)

Redefining How Wet Soils are Classified Within Soil Taxonomy (PDF; 43 KB)

Redevelop SoilWebs Native Apps (PDF; 57 KB)

Tools for Conservation Practice Effectiveness (PDF; 52 KB)

Tools for Developing Ecological Sites in the Southeastern U.S. (PDF; 55 KB)

Fiscal Year 2017

Completion of the Isee Soils Databases for the North Central Region (PDF; 82 KB)

Developing and Populating the Ecological Site Database (PDF; 81 KB)

Indicators of Soil Change in Response to Management and Natural Disturbance in the West (PDF; 90 KB)

Investigating Benchmark Soil Landscapes in the South: Linking Soils, Landscapes, Vegetation and Hydrology (PDF; 116 KB)

Soil Carbon Stocks, Hydrology, and Hydric Soils of the Northeastern Vernal Pools (PDF; 73 KB)

Soil Moisture Regime Monitoring (PDF; 189 KB)

Fiscal Year 2016

Development of an Ecological Site Database for Analysis and Planning (PDF; 18 KB)

Development of Training Videos in Support of Soil Survey Activities (PDF; 70 KB)

Soils2026—Add to the Available Soil Resource Information for the US Through Development of a New Generation of Soil Information Products (PDF; 60 KB)

Fiscal Year 2015

Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture and Environmental Credit Trading and Carbon Markets (PDF; 157 KB)

An Ecosystem Approach to Classification of Impacted Low Gradient Floodplains in MLRA 134: Connecting Soils, Landforms and Vegetation (PDF; 244 KB)

Global Soil Map of North America Scientific Support (PDF; 22 KB)

International Year of Soils (IYS): Video Outreach (PDF; 159 KB)

Web-Based Tool for Estimating Climate Change Impacts on CONUS Cropping Patterns Using the National Commodity Crop Productivity Index (NCCPI) (PDF; 203 KB)

Fiscal Year 2014

Digital Soil Disaggregation in a Low-Relief Landscape to Support Wetland Restoration Decisions (PDF; 170 KB)

Gridded Soil Series Mapping by Disaggregation of Soil Mapping Units Over Large Areas (PDF; 259 KB)

Impacts of Cover Crops and Tillage on Soil Health and Dynamic Soil Properties in Benchmark Soils Across Tennessee (PDF; 197 KB)

International Year of Soils (IYS): Video Outreach (PDF; 131 KB)