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NCSS Bylaws Sub-Team

Team Leads

Jennifer Wood, Soil Data Quality Specialist, Davis, California
Jennifer Mason, MLRA Soil Survey Office Leader, Clinton, Tennessee

Team Members

Al Averill, State Soil Scientist, Massachusetts and Vermont
John Lane, USFS Watershed and Air Program Manager, Juneau, Alaska
Dave Hoover, NSSC Director, Lincoln, Nebraska
Rick Strait, State Soil Scientist, New Mexico
Cathy McGuire, Region 8 Director, Phoenix, Arizona
D’Andre Yancey, State Soil Scientist, Arizona
Cory Cole, State Soil Scientist, Alaska
Debbie Surabian, State Soil Scientist, Connecticut
Wade Bott, State Soil Scientist, North Dakota
Cara Farr, USFS Region 6 Soil Scientist, Portland, Oregon
Larry Laing, USFS National Soils Program Leader, Phoenix, Arizona

Team Charges

Temporary coordination of SPSD and NCSS partner input to the update of the NCSS Conference Bylaws

  1. Update the National Conference bylaws to current staffing and division names
  2. Clarify the conference planning process by adding detail to the Timeline of Activities
  3. Strengthen the continuity of work from one conference to another, and between regional and national conferences
  4. Streamline and simplify the bylaws language and ensure internal consistency


Meetings held bi-weekly on Thursdays from 8:30 to 10:00 am PST, or adjusted as needed.

Contact Jennifer Wood,, for meeting details, minutes, and bylaws revision drafts.