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DSM Focus Team FY18 Accomplishments

• Raster product standards – NSSH Part 648 published June 2018

• Training
   ♦ DSM curriculum established
   ♦ New Introduction to Digital Soil Mapping course developed and delivered (approx. 70 participants in 2018)

• Sub-teams
   ♦ Properties – national focus
      - Active since May 2018
      - Develop methods and products for national coverage continuous soil properties
      - 30m and 10m CONUS covariate generation initiated
      - Began collaboration with Interpretations staff for continuous soil property raster data
      - Support and participation for 2018 field week activities and project
      - WVU/NMSU post doc position for collaboration with sub-team initiated
      - HPC options explored and evaluated
   ♦ Update – local focus
      - Active since July 2018
      - Facilitate discussion, collaboration, and support for update projects
      - Updated Job Aids webpage to better support DSM activities
      - Initiated draft DSM Project Milestones for NASIS
   ♦ Initial – local focus
      - Facilitate discussion, collaboration, and support for update projects
      - Initial discussion and structure established
      - Activities to begin Feb 2019

• Communication
   ♦ Conferences/presentations with partners
      - Regional NCSS meetings
      - TX Tech Soil Information and Modeling meeting
      - Federal Lands Advisory Group
   ♦ DSM/Database/Initial Mapping Focus Team meeting and collaboration to determine products and plan to meet
      Soils2026 goals
   ♦ Webinar series – 5 NSSC webinars from focus team members
   ♦ Focus Team website
   ♦ SSD weekly articles

• Raster product delivery
   ♦ Collaborating with Database Focus Team to develop gNATSGO product that will store the best available class-
      based raster data for the US (gSSURGO, gSTATSGO, RaSS)

• DSM Field Week
   ♦ 2018 Field Week project – MLRA 130B update – GRSM – Oct 2018
   ♦ Covariate generation for local and regional project
   ♦ Support for local project to continue through May 2019 and conclude with raster product