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Practitioner Sub-Team

Draft raster map units in lodgment till areas of the White Mountain National Forest, NH initial soil survey.

The practitioner sub-team is a team focused on local or regional scale DSM projects with a particular focus on development of Raster Soil Surveys. This sub-team serves as a mechanism to provide communication, collaboration, and support for those working on mapping projects employing DSM methods. The sub-team hosts the monthly DSM Practitioner Discussions, open to all, which facilitate information sharing, problem solving, and support for those applying DSM methods in their daily workload. Methods, issues, and solutions are discussed among the participants. If additional resources or support are needed to facilitate the success of a project, NRCS Soil and Plant Science Division staff are welcome to apply for a DSM mentor. The practitioner sub-team also develops, instructs, and maintains the NRCS DSM training curriculum courses, including the DSM Field Week. This team is also involved in development and update to standards and job aids for digital soil mapping within the National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS).


Draft raster components in an area of ablation till in the White Mountain National Forest, NH.Facilitate capacity building in digital soil mapping within NCSS through communication, collaboration, training, project support, and development of standards.


  • Host monthly discussions for DSM practitioners as a platform for sharing and discussion on all aspects of DSM
  • Support the DSM Project Mentoring Program for NRCS Soil Survey Offices engaged in DSM projects with the goal of Raster Soil Survey publication
  • Develop, deliver, and maintain DSM training courses for all levels of practitioner
  • Conduct DSM Field Weeks to provide project support and cross-training between soil survey project crews and DSM experts
  • Develop and update digital soil mapping standards to support creation and publication of raster soil information products

Sub-Team Members

  • SSURGO lines draped over Multipath Topographic Wetness Index (top) derived from LIDAR bare-earth terrain models; Raster Soil Survey and gSSURGO data (bottom) defining variability in Ecological Sites across the landscape following an update in the Northern Black Glaciated Plains of North Dakota.Suzann Kienast-Brown (co-lead)
  • Jessica Philippe (co-lead)
  • Dave White (co-lead)
  • Joe Brennan (co-lead)
  • Chance Robinson (co-lead)
  • Tiffany Allen
  • Stephen Roecker
  • Chad Ferguson
  • Alex Stum
  • Betsy Schug

Join the conversation!

DSM Practitioner Discussions will occur on the 1st Tuesday of every month from
11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST. Contact Jessica Philippe ( for meeting information.