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Soil Survey DSP Projects


DSP Project Name

Primary Soil Series

Land Use/Cover

Management Systems/ Conditions

Georgia Tifton Longleaf Comparison Tifton Pasture and Forest Longleaf Pine, typical pasture management
Idaho Threebear; forest Dynamic Properties Threebear Forest Clear-cut and planted, mature forest (>50 years post disturbance)
Missouri DSP Pilot Tonti and Viraton Pasture and Forest forest, pasture
Nebraska MRLA 106_Kennebec-Nodaway project Kennebeck Cropland Conventional tillage, No tillage Corn/Soybean rotations
Nebraska  - Dodge Co and  DSP NE Dodge Co Part 2MLRA 111C Loess Catena Moody, Alcester, Nora Cropland and Pasture Evaluate saturated hydraulic conductivity and DSP properties in pasture and typical tilled field
Oklahoma MRLA 80A Tabler DSP Project Kirkland Cropland and Rangeland Conventional tillage, No tillage, shortgrass rangeland
South Dakota DSP ranges for multiple soil Series Kube, Glenham, Barnes, Onita Cropland Conventional tillage, No tillage Corn/Soybean rotations
South Dakota Pre Soil Change Guide Barnes, Clarno, Morton, Reeder    
Texas MLRA 77A (SHP) Amarillo DSP Project Amarillo Cropland and Rangeland Conventional Cotton, Conservation Reserve Program - Lovegrass, Shortgrass Shrub native range
Texas Big Bend   Rangeland variability within sites
Utah Begay Soil Pilot Begay Rangeland Perrenial Grass Shrubland, Invaded Annual Cheatgrass
Kansas Kieth Tillage and Cover Crop Comparison Kieth (and Richfield) Cropland Compare ages of no-till and cover crop
Nebraska Soil Health Management System Demo - Pre-treatment (NE Geary) Geary and Richfield Cropland initial sampling before soil health mgmt treatment
California Soil Health Management System Demo - Pre-treatment (CA Prune) Gridley, Marcum, Tisdale  Orchard initial sampling before soil health mgmt treatment
Michigan DSP MLRA 98 Hydric soils restored wetlands Houghton Wetlands Evaluate restored wetlands compared to reference wetlands and farmed fields
Colorado DSP 2017 CO Soil Carbon   cropland evaluate tillage and rotation
Montana DSP MT Grazing System Comparison Regent-Savage pasture grazing RR - rest and recovery, TR - traditional open access
Minnesota DSP West Fork Beaver Creek Crooksford - Leen_Okoboji cropland, restored grass/wetland  
Tennessee TN Soil Health Hicks, Feliciana, Chenneby Cropland No-till vs Till/W and w/o cover crop
Idaho DSP St. Joe Watershed Miesen, Pokey Grass riparian buffers
Idaho Vasser Series DSP  Vassar Forest thinned vs non-thinned
Nebraska NE Soil Health and DSP comparison Wymore, Pawnee, Shelby and Burchard Cropland Hayland, No -till, Soil Health Management System, Terraces