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Soil Survey Database Team Accomplishments for FY2017

  • Created four new sub teams.
    – DMU Data Population Standards
    – SSD Database Resource Organization
    – NCSS Characterization Database
    – NASIS Worksheet Upload
  • Developed first draft of DMU Data Population Standards.
  • Created and published updated 2017 snapshot of NCSS Characterization Database.
  • Reviewed following proposed data model changes:
    – Flooding and Ponding – Not Approved
    – Geomorphic Group – Approved
    – Ponding Frequency Definition – Approved
    – New muaggatt table – Approved
    – Project Type - Approved
  • Developed metadata for major update to the muaggatt table.
  • Begin discussions about pedon quality control and OSD database.
  • Created a link between Web Soil Survey and SoilWeb, which allows Web Soil Survey to function on mobile devices.
  • Identified all data elements used in National Interpretations.
  • Provided database support to the National Soil Survey Center.