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Soil Biology and DSP Methods Sub-Team

Team Lead

Mark Abney, Assistant State Soil Scientist, Clinton, Missouri

Team Members

Kristen Veum, ARS, Columbia, Missouri
David Myrold, Oregon State University
Matt Levi, University of Georgia
Andrew Margenot, University of Illinois
James Komar, State Soil Scientist, Nevada
Jennifer Mason, MLRA Soil Survey Office Leader, Clinton, Tennessee
Candiss Williams, Research Soil Scientist, Lincoln, Nebraska
Cathy Seybold, Soil Scientist, Lincoln, Nebraska
Kelly Vollbracht, Laboratory Technician, KSSL, Lincoln, Nebraska
Diane Hooper, Laboratory Technician, KSSL, Lincoln, Nebraska

Team Charge

  • Advises on the collection, storage, and use of new DSPs for soil survey, with a focus on biological properties.