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Soil Survey Database Team Accomplishments for FY2018

  • Developed and published new SSD Tools webpage.
  • Created plan and process for building first full coverage product called gNATSGO, consisting of blended SSURGO/STATSGO/Raster Soil Surveys.
  • Participated in meeting with DSM and Initial teams to discuss methods for completing Soils2026.
  • Corrected error in NASIS SSURGO & Staging Server exports.
  • Created and published updated 2018 snapshot of NCSS Characterization Database.
  • Created the following sub teams.
    – gNATSGO
    – SSURGO Refresh
    – R
  • Wrote new national QC reports that will check data map units against the new data map unit population standards.
  • Redesigning NCSS Characterization Database schema and delivery method.
  • Wrote new SSURGO Refresh - Fatal Error Pre-Check NASIS report to assist with the annual SSURGO refresh.
  • Provided database support to the National Soil Survey Center.