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Data Map Unit Population Standards Sub-Team

Team Lead

Jeff Thomas

Team Members

Steve Campbell, Soil Scientist, West National Technology Support Center, Portland, Oregon
Wayne Gabriel, Senior Regional Soil Scientist, Temple, Texas
David Gehring, Resource Soil Scientist, Owensboro, Kentucky
Kevin Godsey, Soil Scientist, Marble Hill, Missouri
Jane Karinen, Soil Data Quality Specialist, Bozeman, Montana
Jason Nemecek, State Soil Scientist, Madison, Wisconsin
Dee Pederson, Assistant State Soil Scientist, Athens, Georgia
Cathy Seybold, Soil Scientist, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, Nebraska
Kyle Stephens, Soil Data Quality Specialist, Portland, Oregon
George Teachman, Soil Scientist, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, Nebraska
Jeff Thomas, Senior Regional Soil Scientist, Morgantown, West Virginia
Mark Van Lear, Soil Data Quality Specialist, Roanoke, Virginia

Team Charges

  • Review existing and historic DMU population standards.
  • Develop an updated set of DMU population standards.

    Minimum Standard – For existing DMUs.
       – Intended for older vintage data sets transferred in from SSSD or populated in the earlier versions of
       – Allows for rapid improvement of SSURGO without causing too much work.

    Full Standard – For all new DMUs and those DMUs that undergo significant edits in update projects.
  • Create NASIS reports to ensure NASIS DMU data comply with the standards.


New NASIS report folder called ‘Data Integrity’. Reports include:

  • READ FIRST ABOUT DATA INTEGRITY REPORTS. This explains how reports in the Data Integrity Site are used to bring NASIS data to a common national minimum standard.
  • Minimum Standard (Legend, Mapunit, Data Mapunit). This report lists the Minimum Data Population Standard. 
  • Data integrity check reports are under development. These will evaluate existing NASIS DMU data for those data elements in the Minimum Standard.