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Research Team

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The Research Team's key role will be to act as liaison between researchers and those with research needs and ideas. The goal is to facilitate critical research to further the Soil Survey and ES Programs. Also, to increase awareness and application of previously conducted research to address current issues and permit research to provide support for Soil and Plant Science Division activities. Under each heading research needs will be listed as well as any current ongoing research projects.

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  • Provide input on cutting edge research that could benefit soil survey
  • Review existing research and provide internal guidance
  • Act as a repository for NCSS priorities, inputs, reports
  • Coordinate activities with NCSS and other external entities
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2019 Soil Science Collaborative Research Projects

NCSS Regions Research Needs Committees
Joint Northeast and South (PDF; 90 KB)
West (PDF; 86 KB)

MLRA Staff Research Items (PDF; 57 KB)

State Soil Scientists

Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (CESU) Agreements
Statements of Work
Final Progress Reports

NSSC Research Staff

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Responsibilities and Roles

Communicate with Soil Survey Regions, MLRA SSOs and state level staff on requests for assistance

  • Work with staff to refine assistance requests and assure that they are clear and complete, well-documented etc.
  • Refer field and regional staff to appropriate contacts at NSSC (e.g. research staff, others) for areas outside of one’s expertise

For lab sampling requests

  • Work with field/state/area staff to be sure request is well founded and complete: includes well defined purpose, equipment needed, analyses requested etc.
  • Assist in filling out Lab analysis worksheet, persons submitting samples for analysis are responsible for completing Lab analysis worksheet
  • Advise field staff of potential issues related to sampling and transport of soil materials (e.g. sampling protocols, agricultural quarantine, etc.)
  • Coordinate with the KSSL staff to ensure that samples arrived in Lincoln (with all required documentation) and are “in the queue” – update field as appropriate
  • Provide preliminary review of laboratory data (consult with other NSSC staff as appropriate for areas outside of personal expertise)
  • Work with field/state/areas staff to help them understand and interpret the data (consult with other NSSC staff as appropriate for areas outside of personal expertise)

For field assistance requests

  • Work with field, state and regional staff to ensure that request for field assistance is well documented, specific, and addresses a documented need
  • Work with other NSSC staff as needed to identify the appropriate person(s) to provide the requested field assistance

List of Service Region Liaisons

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Coming soon:

Dynamic Soil Properties


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Chad Remley, Soil Survey Region 5 Director, Salina, Kansas

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  • Neil Dominy, State Soil Scientist, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Daniel Hirmas, Associate Professor, Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
  • Charlie Ogg, Modeling Unit Coordinator, Auburn, Alabama