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Soil Survey Database Team


This team consists of field level staff with a wide range of database skills and perspectives that will assist with decision-making and create outcomes that better serve the database needs of the SSD. The team has a balanced approach of improving the existing infrastructure coupled with developing new innovative approaches. While the National Soils Information System database (NASIS) will be a major focus of the team, we will also be discussing the full suite of interconnected SSD corporate databases and associated software.

Main photo for the Soil Survey Database Team.
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  • Coordinate and support database activities across the SSD
  • Identify database-related training needs
  • Identify new database-related software, tools, and procedures
  • Review and organize new database tools and ideas
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for proposed NASIS and SSURGO data model changes
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The Database Team meets for 2 hours via skype and teleconference on the last Tuesday of every month. The Meeting Minutes and Action Items documents contain all minutes and action items since the Database Team began meeting monthly in April 2017.

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  • Working with Jared Beard to make changes to the Technical Soil Services table.
  • Formed new subteam called EDIT Database.
  • Provided database support to the National Soil Survey Center.

Previous Fiscal Years

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Kyle Stephens, Soil Data Quality Specialist, Portland, Oregon

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  • Steve Campbell, Soil Scientist, West National Technology Support Center, Portland, Oregon
  • Jason Nemecek, State Soil Scientist, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Jeff Thomas, Senior Regional Soil Scientist, Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Kevin Godsey, Soil Scientist, Springfield, Missouri
  • Jay Skovlin, MLRA Soil Survey Office Leader, Missoula, Montana
  • Wayne Gabriel, Senior Regional Soil Scientist, Temple, Texas
  • Adolfo Diaz, RO GIS Specialist, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Stephen Roecker, Soil Data Quality Specialist/RO GIS Specialist, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Shawn Salley, Ecologist, Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • Jennifer Wood, Soil Data Quality Specialist, Davis, California
  • Dylan Beaudette, Soil Scientist & Digital Soil Mapping Specialist, Sonora, California
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  • Drew Kinney, National Leader Soil Business Systems, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • George Teachman, Soil Scientist, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Steve Peaslee, GIS Specialist, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Tammy Cheever, Information Technology Specialist, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Skye Willis, National Resource Soil Scientist, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Cathy Seybold, Soil Scientist, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Henry Ferguson, Retired Soil Scientist, Lincoln, Nebraska
Database Presentations button.

Steering Committee Presentation (8/17; PDF; 1.14 MB)

Overview for St. Paul Tri Focus Team Meeting (11/17; PDF; 1.71 MB)

gNATSGO for St. Paul Tri Focus Team Meeting (11/17; PDF; 3.45 MB)

Federal Lands Advisory Group Meeting (11/17; PDF; 11.5 MB)


Database Team poster presented at the 2018 National NCSS Conference.

Click on the poster for a larger view.