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Leadership, Diversity, and Recruitment Team

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Leadership Development and Recruitment photo.Overview

The team will engage with the Division and Agency on two established fronts: Leadership Development and Diversity & Recruitment. The Leadership Development sub-team will work as a companion to the current NRCS leadership development framework. This sub-team will develop strategies, guidelines, and a culture of leadership from the time employees are recruited until the end of their service with the Soil and Plant Science Division. The Diversity and Recruitment sub-team will work with the FPAC Human Resources and Civil Rights/Equal Employment Opportunities Divisions to develop strategies, guidelines, and a culture of diversity; as well as plan recruitment geared toward the Division’s vision, hiring, and succession plan.

Leadership Development and Recruitment Toolboxes button. Virtual Recruitment Toolbox
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  • Identify needs and gaps
  • Provide framework for ongoing review of leadership
  • Identify training course both internal and external to encourage and enhance leadership development
  • Identify recruitment needs and venues
  • Coordinate recruitment
Leadership Development and Recruitment Report button. Leadership and Recruitment Focus Team Final Report (coming soon)
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Technical Series

  • Recruitment and Hiring tracking tool (coming soon)
  • Leadership and Opportunity tracking tool (coming soon)
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  • Get self-paced leadership curriculum and booklist set up in “Curriculum” feature in Ag Learn
  • Re-evaluate Special Emphasis Programs under FPAC Business Center
  • Performance Plan requirements for mentoring, leadership development, and culture change
  • Pursue update of qualifications for the 470 series to include more ecological and GIS coursework
  • Synchronize intern announcements with projects and university recruitment cycles
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Final Report (PDF; 625 KB)

Leadership Development

  • Mentoring structure setup
  • Leadership and opportunity tracking tool
  • Developed YouTube playlist on leadership evaluation
  • Established internal SharePoint directory (internal use only) for those interested in Leadership philosophies
  • Developed recommendations for Soil and Plant Science Division leadership
  • Worked with contractor Grant Thornton and FPAC Business Center on Science and Technical Leadership Focus Group
  •  Self-paced leadership curriculum and book list established
  • Established Mentoring portal for the Division

Diversity and Recruitment

  • Initiated two agreements for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology development and transfer with two 1890 institutions (Alcorn State and FAMU).
  • Provided grant for two 1890 institutions to field soil judging teams. Four 1890s institutions competed for the first time ever (Central State University, Alabama A&M University, Tuskegee University, Brooklyn College)
  • Recruitment and hiring tracking tool
  • Developed recommendations for Soil and Plant Science Division leadership for diversity and recruitment
  • Developed internal NRCS SharePoint database (internal use only) for cooperators
  • Coordinated job announcements with Outreach team on govDelivery
Leadership Development and Recruitment Contact button.

Kevin Norwood, Director for Diversity and Recruitment, Indianapolis, Indiana

Leadership Development and Recruitment Members button.

Leadership Development

  • John Andreoni, Management Analyst, Washington, DC
  • Kendra Moseley, Ecological Site Regional Specialist, Davis, CA
  • Kevin Norwood, Director for Diversity and Recruitment, Indianapolis, IN
  • Ann Tan, MLRA Project Leader, Morgantown, WV
  • Jamin Johanson, Regional Ecologist, Wasilla, AK

Diversity and Recruitment

  • John Andreoni, Management Analyst, Washington, DC
  • Manuel Matos, MLRA State Soil Scientist, Mayagüez, PR
  • Benjamin Hannibal, Program Analyst, Washington, DC
  • Luis Hernandez, SSR 12 Regional Director, Amherst, MA
  • Charles Kome, Soil Scientist, Technical Soil Services and World Soil Resources, Washington, DC
  • Phillip Smith, MLRA Soil Survey Office Leader, Hanford, CA
  • Katherine Gerdes, Soil Scientist, Fort Morgan, CO
  • Janella Cruz, Soil Conservationist, Sante Fe, NM
  • Kevin Norwood, Director for Diversity and Recruitment, Indianapolis, IN
  • Delta Bell, Resource Soil Scientist, Greenwood, MS
Leadership Development and Recruitment Photos button.
Central State Soil Judging Team. Janella Cruz and Rebecca Fox at local career fair in New York.
Brooklyn College Soil Judging Team. Leslie Glover II, speaking with student at the Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences national conference.
Student intern, Chloe Malouf, sampling soil on the National Mall in Washington, DC.