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Training Team


The Training Team is a multidisciplinary coalition formed to address training needs within the Division. It is the responsibility of this team to review current training offerings, make recommendations on new and improved courses and means of delivery, and expand training efforts outward from the Division to NRCS and partners, as needed.

Main photo for the Training Team.
Training Charges button.
  • Develop a training curriculum for all career trajectories within division
  • Coordinate to extend to other entities (states, centers)
  • Assist training coordinator in identifying, selecting, and developing a training cadre
  • Assist training coordinator in individual course development to fit within training curriculum
  • Review existing courses
  • Pursue the possibility of distance education for division staff to obtain advanced degrees
  • Identify gaps
  • Assist in development of web based courses
  • Work with BOA and MGT to provide guidance on priority areas
Training Accomplishments button.

Conducted a face to face meeting at the National Soil Survey Center in December. Thirteen people participated in this meeting.

Developed a proposal process for ideas to be brought forward to the team for action. Four proposals received to date.

Completed review of all existing courses, including retired courses, for application into new curricula.

Completed round robin internal and external reviews of specialist curricula course lists. Incorporated suggested changes and additions from external reviewers.

Complied and released curricula for each specialist area within the Soil and Plant Science Division to all NHQ staff, Regional Directors and State Soil Scientists.

Training Projects button.

Proposed FY19 Projects

  • Identify critical training gaps.
  • Work with internal and external customers to identify training priorities.
  • Start exploration of coordinating training efforts between NCSS members.

Long Range Projects

  • Assist training coordinator in individual course development to fit within training curriculum.
  • Assist training coordinator in identifying, selecting, and developing training cadres.
  • Assist in development of web-based courses.
  • Develop distance education plan for division staff to obtain advanced degrees.
Training Contact button.

Kevin Norwood, SSR 11 Regional Director, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cynthia Stiles, SSR 2 Regional Director, Davis, California
Shawn McVey, Training Coordinator, NSSC, Lincoln, Nebraska

Training Members button.
  • Administrative Specialist Sub-Team: Benjamin Hannibal (AA Morgantown WV)
  • Ecological Specialist Sub-Team: Joel Brown (NSSC Las Cruces NM); Kendra Moseley (SSR2 Davis CA); Johanna Pate (CNTSC Fort Worth TX)
  • GIS Specialist Sub-Team: Carl Hill (DU East Lansing, MI)
  • Soil Scientist Sub-Team: Lance Brewington (MSSOL Laurens SC); Samantha Carillo (SS Tucson AZ); Alan Stahnke (SSS Temple TX)
  • Proposed Sub-Team -- Training Personnel: Responsible for determining training cadres and working with external entities such as NCSS cooperator institutes to cross-talk courses between agency and universities/other federal agencies.

Participants in Soil Correlation training apply NCSS guidelines to resolve soil survey problems that arise with classification and correlation of soils and ecological sites.