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Urban Soils Team


The Urban Soils Team was created to address topics relevant to soils in the urban environment. Team members are experienced urban soil mappers and bring together a diverse perspective of urban soil issues from cities with various mapping needs and historical backgrounds.

Main photo for the Urban Soils Team.
Urban Soils Charges button.
  • Coordinate urban activities across division (procedures, equipment, safety)
  • Identify training needs
  • Identify needs to update standards – propose solutions
  • Identify needs to update taxonomy – propose solutions
  • Assemble existing data
  • Identify gaps
  • Work with BOA and MGT to provide guidance on priority areas
Urban Soils Resources button.
Urban Soils Projects button.

Active Projects List:

  • Support active urban soil survey projects
  • Support planning of future soil survey projects
  • Develop an urban dynamic soil property (DSP) project framework
  • Review of horizon nomenclature conventions for soils formed in HAHT materials

Long-Range Plan:

  • Launch Urban Soils Field Week to support active soil survey projects and deliver field training
  • Assist efforts to modernize the Urban Soil Primer and Soil Risks and
  • Develop Job aids, tech notes, training materials, and other resources
  • Develop new urban soil Interpretations
  • Develop suggested urban soil mapping guidelines or procedure
  • Reimagine soil survey datasets for urban areas to meet local needs
    • E.g. soil artifact content database review
  • Promote and expand the use of proximal sensors to support soil survey operations in urban areas
Urban Soils Accomplishments button.
  • Urban Soils Fact Sheet
  • Urban Soil Survey Story map
  • Technical review for Artesols soil order proposal in Soil Taxonomy
  • Contributions for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Global Soil Partnership (FAO–GSP) Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) Technical Manual; Recarbonizing global soils – A technical manual of recommended management practices.
  • Display skin for urban soil focus team
  • HAHT Soil Series extent map (ESRI online map)
  • Provided presentations at the Urban Soils Symposium during the 2019 SSSA Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX
    • Genesis of Urban Soils
    • Mapping of Urban Soils
  • International Union of Soil Science – Soils of Urban, Industrial, Traffic, Military, and Mining Areas (SUITMA) conference participation
  • Technical review for “Native Soil Properties and Qualities in Urban Soils” for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification
  • NCSS webinar presentation – Urban Soil Mapping in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit
  • Urban soil mapping presentation for the U.S. Geological Survey – Urban Landscapes Capability Team
  • NCSS National & Regional Conferences poster & presentations
  • Urban soils technical data evaluation and review for EPA
Urban Soils Contact button.
  • Randy Riddle – Chair, MLRA Soil Survey Office Leader; Templeton, CA
  • Greg Taylor – National Leader for Special Projects (including urban soils); Raleigh, NC
Urban Soils Members button.
  • Carl Fuller, Soil Scientist; Olympia WA
  • Eric Gano, Soil Scientist; Flint, MI
  • Jacob Isleib, Resource Soil Scientist, Tolland, CT
  • Chris Miller, MLRA Soil Survey Leader, Juneau, WI
  • Edwin Muniz, New Jersey State Soil Scientist; Somerset, NJ
  • Chance Robinson, Resource Soil Scientist, Temple, TX
  • Kristine Ryan, South Carolina State Soil Scientist; Columbia, SC
  • Sarah Smith, Soil Scientist; Aurora, IL
  • Andy Steinert, MLRA Soil Survey Office Leader; Fort Morgan, CO
  • Ralph Tucker, MLRA Soil Survey Office Leader; Union, MO and Marion, IL
  • Olga Vargas, Resource Soil Scientist; Greenwich, NY

University Partners

  • John Galbraith, Virginia Tech
  • Jeffrey Howard, Wayne State University
  • Bryant Scharenbroch, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point