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USDA Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Soils Document Manager

The document manager is not publicly available. You must be authorized and an employee of NRCS Soil and Plant Science Division or Technical Soil Services to access the system.

In 2018, the USDA NRCS Soil and Plant Science Division deployed new software for document management. The Soils Document Manager (1) stores, manages, and shares files; (2) controls who can see and change documents; (3) provides structure for collaborating on projects; (4) makes it possible to search for documents posted by employees across the division; and (5) archives documents. The system attaches metadata to files and allows users to search for files by this metadata and by file content. The system can also create workflows to record document review and approval. The system will eventually deliver files to the Web Soil Survey.

Enterprise Content Management software manages files and websites across a large organization. The part of the USDA ECM that is currently available to the NRCS Soil and Plant Science Division is the Soils Document Manager. The name further explains the system:

  • Soils—NRCS Soil and Plant Science Division and NRCS soil scientists working in technical soil services.
  • Document—Electronic files; for example, JPG, DOCX, PDF, and PPTX files.
  • Manager—Software to store, index, maintain versions, control access, share, and publish.

The goals for the document manager are to expand the range of information delivered over the Web Soil Survey and to improve document management for NRCS Soils operations. The document manager can currently be used to share files within Soils and to track quality assurance. The first phase of software development (FY–17) built the “file cabinet” to store and manage the files. The next phase will integrate with NASIS and connect the virtual file cabinet to the Web Soil Survey and other online applications. 

For further information, download the User’s Guide below or contact