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2018 Amazing Grassland videos

The following series of short video stories from each month during 2018 are promoting healthy soils, grasslands, and ecosystems.  

Grazier Jorgensen offsite link image       Grazier Michalski offsite link image       Grazier Schooley offsite link image       Rich and Sara Grim on ranch offsite link image    
January-Jorgensen Land & Cattle on planting cover crops to extend grazing season   February-Michalski Ranch on planting grass on marginal cropland to enhance sustainability   March-Cabin Still Cattle Company on planting trees to enhance wildlife habitat and provide protection for cattle   April-Grim Ranch on fire to reduce amount of invasive plant species
Terry Schell and family offsite link image       Herb Hamann and family offsite link image       Dan and Sharon with pet dog offsite link image       Dean and Candice Lockner standing in pasture offsite link image    
May-Schell Ranch on developing a drought plan before drought occurs   June-Blue Bell Ranch on maintaining adequate residual stubble heights helps soil health and future production   July-Anderson Gelbvieh Ranch on multi-species grazing provides management alternatives   August-Thousand Hills Ranch on properly managing grazing lands provide wildlife opportunities
The Livermonts standing with Tee Tatrault in pasture offsite link image       Mimi Hillenbrand owner standing with foreman Moritz Espy offsite link image       Ron and Carol on ranch offsite link image       Tracy Rosenberg standing in pasture offsite link image    
September-Livermont Cattle on a well planned grazing system starts with a good inventory of operation   October-777 Bison Ranch on holistic grazing management based on herds of Africa   November-Brownotter Buffalo Ranch on restoring native plants and animal communities restores culture heritage   December-Abbey Grasslands of the Prairie Coteau on saving the pothole prairie is saving life



2018 Grassland Stewardship Communications Project Partners:

The Nature Conservancy, Pheasants Forever, American Bird Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Audubon Dakota, Ducks Unlimited, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, SD Game, Fish and Parks, SD Soil Health Coalition, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and SD Grassland Coalition.