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Our Amazing Grasslands


Grassland in South Dakota


The SD Grassland Coalition partnered with the organizations listed below to enhance the grassland planner with a series of short video stories each month during 2021 promoting healthy soils, grasslands, and ecosystems.

Erickson Family   Bendigo Family   Schultz family   McKernan by gator

January – Erickson Family – Pasture Management Practices


February – Bendigo Family – Grazing System Management


March – Turtle Peak Ranch (Schultz) -Rotational Grazing


April – Summit Lake Partnership (McKernan) – Public Lands Management

Schubek Family   Blair Family   Mizera Family   Bergner leaning on tractror

May – Shubeck Family – Diversity of Enterprise


June – Blair Bros. Angus Ranch - 2020 South Dakota Leopold Conservation Award winner


July – Mizera Family – Rotational Grazing


August – Grandview Angus Ranch (Bergner) – Rotational Grazing

Davis Family   Bohlander family   Wind Family   Partners in the cane Creek project

September – Davis Family – Diversity of Grasses


October – Bohlander Family – Holistic Management Approach


November – The Wind Ranch – Healthy Native Grasslands


December – Cane Creek Project – Demonstration Farm


2020 Grassland Stewardship Communications Project Partners:

The Nature Conservancy, Pheasants Forever, South Dakota State University, Audubon Dakota, Ducks Unlimited, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-Partners for Fish and Wildlife, SD Department of Game, Fish and Parks, The Cattle Business Weekly, Tri-State Livestock News, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and SD Grassland Coalition.

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Helping People Help the Land

Grasslands Planner

Through the following Grassland Planners, the U.S. Department of Agriculture NRCS is working with the South Dakota Grassland Coalition (SDGC) and other partners to improve the health of grassland resources. The NRCS, SDGC & SDSU Extension Service and other entities can assist you to determine and formulate resource protection and enhancement options that fit your operation. Depending upon the area of expertise and/or need for financial assistance, staff are available through NRCS and SD Conservation Districts, and other partners such as the SD Grassland Coalition & SDSU Extension specialists, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the South Dakota Departments of Agriculture and Game, Fish and Parks, and private organizations, such as Pheasants Forever, Ltd., who may have additional avenues of assistance.

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