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Understanding Ecosystems

Photograph of girl in field of flowers

An Ecological Approach to Planning and Conservation of Natural Resources

Think of an ecosystem! Your idea of what an ecosystem is will be like no one else's. Because of this, the following is a collection of information and resources that may help expand our understanding of ecosystems. Understanding ecosystems gives us a new way of seeing our world, and our place in it. We used to talk about "the environment" as if it were something out there that needed our help. But understanding our ecosystem gives us perspective on where we fit into the picture - how each thing in the ecosystem affects everything else. Like a spider web each strand is interconnected and gives strength to the whole.

Ecosystem Information Online

Examine NRCS publications relating to ecosystem management.

Internet Resources
Internet resource page containing links to other government and private organizations involved in ecosystem management.

Questions and comments are welcome and encouraged. Please address all correspondence to Gerald (Jerry) Jasmer, State Resource Conservationist, 605-352-1234.