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South Dakota Soil Health

South Dakota Soil Health "Merit or Myth"

Introducing the Soil Health Revolution

Soil Health Information

USDA-NRCS South Dakota Soil Health Technical Contacts


Rainfall Simulator Shows Importance of Soil Health

The South Dakota Rainfall Simulator provides a "seeing is believing" demonstration of how practices such as no-till farming, cover crops, and prescribed grazing benefit soil health and improve the water cycle on cropland and rangeland across the state.  No-till cropland and rangeland managed with prescribed grazing increase infiltration and reduce runoff and sedimentation.  This demonstration includes discussion of topics such as infiltration, aggregate stability, soil structure, and the relationship of these properties to runoff, erosion, and water quantity.  You may view the rainfall simulator in action by clicking on the link below.

Soil Health Now and in the Future (PDF; 312 KB)

Growing Connections-Soil Health Mentor Booklet Request a copy of the 40-page “Growinging Connections” publication with a list of South Dakota farmers and ranchers who have volunteered their time and expertise to help others with soil health. Also included in the publication are contact information for subject-matter experts for agronomy, soils, grassland management and more! Printed copies of the booklet are available by contacting Public Affairs.