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EQIP Organic Initiative

EQIP Organic Initiative (NOI)

Through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) NOI, NRCS will assist eligible producers with installation of conservation practices on agricultural operations related to organic production. NRCS has determined that this definition includes certified organic producers and producers who are transitioning to become certified organic. Eligible applicants also include producers who fall under the exemption category in the National Organic Program (NOP) regulation.  Applications are continuously accepted.

  • Certified organic producers must provide NRCS with a copy of their Organic System Plan (OSP) and Organic Certification must be maintained for the life of the contract.
  • Transitioning to Organic must self-certify that they agree to develop and implement an Organic System Plan (OSP) and provide NRCS the contact information of the applicant’s USDA accredited organic certifying agent before an EQIP contract can be approved.
  • Organic producers selling less than $5,000 a year in organic agricultural products are exempt from organic certification. Exempt organic producers are eligible for the EQIP Organic Initiative. Applications should be ranked with certified organic producers provided that they self certify that they agree to develop and implement an OSP.
  • Payments for practices for the Organic Initiative are limited to $20,000 per fiscal year and $80,000 during the 6 rolling years of a Farm Bill.

National EQIP Organic Initiative Web Site

The conservation plan becomes the basis for the program application.  All information provided to NRCS for conservation planning purposes is strictly confidential. 

Please contact your local NRCS office soon to meet with conservation planning staff to determine which conservation practices could enhance your farming operation.

Eligible Land Use

  • Crop
  • Forest
  • Grazed Forest
  • Headquarters
  • Grazed Range
  • Pasture
  • Hay

Additional Information

Program Contact

Jeff VanderWilt, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs, 605-352-1226
Jennifer Wurtz, Resource Conservationist, 605-352-1281