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How to Apply

Application Process

  1. Complete the Conservation Program Application, Form NRCS-CPA-1200 and provide Form SF-1199A, Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form.
  2. A copy of the Contract Appendix will be provided to explain the contract terms and conditions.
  3. Determine whether eligibility requirements are met.
  4. A conservation planner will work with the applicant to identify resource concerns that will be treated with the implementation of conservation practice(s).
  5. The NRCS planner will rank the application for the selected funding pool.
  6. The applicant must sign the Ranking Summary Worksheet in order to be considered for funding.
  7. Upon completion of applicant evaluations, the applicant will be notified of the status by mail.
  8. If approved, the applicant must promptly contact NRCS to make an appointment to discuss the contract.
  9. The contract must be signed before the contract will be obligated by the NRCS Contracting Official.
  10. Following obligation, the contract participant will install the conservation practices according to the agreed schedule.

Program Contact

Jennifer Wurtz, Resource Conservationist, 605-352-1225
Jeff VanderWilt, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs, 605-352-1226