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News Release

South Dakota NRCS Seeks Preproposals for 2022 Conservation Implementation Strategy Projects

Jeff Vander Wilt, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs
(605) 352-1226 |

NATURAL RESOURCES CONSERVATION SERVICE (NRCS), Huron, S.D., January 7, 2022 – USDA’s NRCS in South Dakota has announced a call for preproposals for Conservation Implementation Strategy (CIS) projects. Contrary to previous years, in 2022 the proposal process will be a two-phased approach. Applicants will first submit a preproposal to be evaluated by the NRCS who will then invite certain applicants to submit a full proposal to be considered. Not all proposals will be funded, with final decisions made based on the quality of the project proposal, funding availability, and capacity in the project area.

The requirements for submitting preproposals are as follows:

  1. The preproposal cannot exceed two pages of information about the project. A third page can be a map of the project area.
  2. There is no budget requirement for the preproposal. The preproposal will help NRCS determine if the project meets the goals of the CIS.
  3. The preproposal should describe the resource concern(s) to be addressed.
  4. The preproposal should include a list of conservation practices that will likely be used to address the targeted resource concern(s). The quantity of each practice is not relevant for the preproposal phase. That information will be required during the full proposal phase.
  5. The preproposal will describe any potential methods of targeting producers or specific areas within the project area.
  6. Lastly, the preproposal should describe some of the expected outcomes of the project. These do not need to be detailed outcomes, but a general description of the goals of the project.

Preproposals are due to NRCS by March 4, 2022. The preproposal can be e-mailed to and The NRCS will evaluate the preproposals and return invites to those selected to submit a full proposal by April 1, 2022. More information on the requirements for full proposals will be provided at a later date. Full proposals will be due by July 1, 2022.

CIS is a targeted approach to conservation that began in 2020. The NRCS' technical staff, partners, and producers collaborate to address the highest priority resource concerns in a local area. “By working together with partners and producers, we can address the specific resource concerns they have in their local areas with a planned, targeted approach,” explains Assistant State Conservationist for Programs Jeff Vander Wilt.

For more information on CIS in South Dakota, visit the CIS Web page at For any other CIS questions, please contact Jeff Vander Wilt at (605) 352-1226 or