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News Release

Our Amazing Legacy September 2021

Mrs Kruger with her daughters. Parents are teaching their children about farming.

Soil health practices can make farms and ranches more productive and more profitable, but that isn't the only reason to use conservation methods. Improved soil health means improved operational resilience and sustainability over time. That means it's more likely the farm or ranch will still be around for the next generations.

Soil health isn't just for your bottom line. It's for your kids.
Crystal Neuharth, a local mentor for soil health and the 2021 Leopold Award winner, explains her motivation behind practicing soil health on her operation, “Our goal is just to keep the farm around and keep it sustainable for our future generations, not just for our kids but for generations farther down the road.”

This three and a half minute video highlights the children of producers who are learning the value of soil health practices as they grow up. When they eventually take over operations, they won’t know any other way to farm. The improvements they will make to their soil, their farms and ranches, their landscape, and their communities will be the true legacy of their parents.