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News Release

Local Board Seeks Feedback to Help Plan The Future Of County's Natural Resources

Contact: Blaine Brakke, SDACD Locally Led Project Coordinator | Phone: (605) 280-4813

NATURAL RESOURCES CONSERVATION SERVICE (NRCS), Huron, S.D., March 12, 2021– The local Conservation District Board of Supervisors represents all citizens within the boundaries of the district (most follow county boundaries). The Conservation District Board provides a leadership role in promoting the wise stewardship of our natural resources by coordinating conservation efforts, activities, and funding for local needs and priorities. It works directly with landowners to offer technical advice on addressing natural resource concerns. The district serves as the communications conduit from local citizens to local, state, and federal governments agencies, and as a place for landowners to come and seek assistance for the effective use of natural resources.

“Conservation in South Dakota is a community effort,” Says Blaine Brakke, Locally-Led Project Coordinator for the South Dakota Conservation Districts, “The Conservation Districts are here to serve and amplify the voices of the community, local landowners, and conservation minded producers. We partner with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and their local field offices in every county in South Dakota, offering free local assistance. Working with producers and landowners to identify resource concerns is the first step in the win-win situation of successful conservation on the landscape.”

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED to guide the Conservation District’s efforts in your local area. Blaine again explains, “Locally-led conservation is based on the principle that local people make the best decisions for their own community.” This process starts with evaluating the current conditions of local natural resources and dominant land uses, and then identifying which natural resource concerns should be a priority. The result of public input becomes the foundation on which future plans and projects will be based. It is important that your Conservation District receive community feedback to address issues that are important to the area around you.

The Conservation District would like to hear your recommendations on prioritizing natural resource issues in your area. To learn more about natural resource concerns and submit your feedback, please visit to complete a short survey. The results of this survey will be sent to the local district and used in the conservation planning process. To learn more, contact your local Conservation District, or find and contact your local NRCS field office at


Graphic calling for feedback on natural resource needs in your area.