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News Release

SD Soil Profile - Neuharth Family, Fort Pierre, SD

Photo of Levi Neuharth, his wife and their three children standing on a gravel road near their farm in Fort Pieere, SD.






“I think my dad’s motivation to start all of this was to make better what he had, to make it work for you without having to go out and be a great big farm, to grow quality crops to be able to market, and to have the land here for our future generations. That’s one of my big goals, to have it here not only for my children, but my children’s children.”  -Levi Neuharth

This profile in Soil Health follows the journey of the Neuharth Family as they have worked to build soil health and increase diversity in both the plants they grow and the animals they raise, near Fort Pierre, SD.  Levi Neuharth’s father David, began by transitioning the farm to no-till and the family has since worked together to increase diversity in their crop rotation, plant full season and after harvest cover crops, integrate livestock onto cropland, as well as to utilize various grazing management practices.  With an overarching goal of preserving and enhancing the land for the future, all generations continue to learn and work together to increase the diversity and health of the entire operation.  

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