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News Release

South Dakota Profiles in Soil Health - Dennis & Jean Fagerland, Langford, SD

Dennis and Jean Fagerland from Langford, SD standing with their vintage pickup truck and their dog.



“We’ve been given this land so we have to care for it and what’s alive underneath the ground, it needs to be fed and not destroyed.” - Jean Fagerland

This profile in Soil Health, featuring Dennis and Jean Fagerland, is the second of five videos to be released in 2020. The Fagerland’s utilize a system’s approach to farming and ranching, taking advantage of practices such as cover crops, rotational grazing, diverse crop rotations, and no-till on their farm located in the Coteau Hills. Dennis and Jean started their soil health journey by looking for ways to improve profitability and discovered the other benefits created by soil health practices along the way. Although the Fagerland’s children no longer live on the operation, they, along with their own children, come home often to assist Dennis and Jean. The couple enjoys sharing the importance of conservation with the future generations, believing stewardship of our natural resources is of utmost importance. 

Visit the Soil Health Coalition Web site here or the USDA NRCS South Dakota YouTube channel to view already released videos!