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Special New Signup for Environmental Quality Incentives Program

Colette Kessler, State Public Affairs Officer (605) 220-1765

Contact:  Jennifer Wurtz, EQIP Coordinator, NRCS SD (605) 352-1200 


Special New Signup for Environmental Quality Incentives Program


NATURAL RESOURCES CONSERVATION SERVICE (NRCS), Huron, S.D., May 31, 2019 – U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials announce a special June 28, 2019, batching period for assistance through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) to address resource concerns resulting from record high moisture levels during this year's planting season. The EQIP Program is administered through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

This special EQIP batching period provides financial and technical assistance to help farmers and ranchers voluntarily implement cover crops, forage and biomass plantings, grassed waterways, plus water and sediment control basins. Payment is provided to address natural resource concerns that have occurred due to the extreme moisture levels on cropland this planting season.

Special technical assistance with these acres is available through Conservation Activity Plans-soil resource planning (CAP-132) and will assist landowners and producers in their decision regarding if it is economically feasible to continue cropping low producing acres.

The special EQIP batching will allow producers to address resource concerns resulting from excessive erosion and continue to build soil organic matter. “Adding growing roots from species such as oats, radishes, and turnips contained in a diverse cover crop mix works to absorb excess moisture and in doing so, soil organic matter will form preventing soil erosion and supply residue protection on unplanted acres,” said, Jeff Zimprich, State Conservationist, NRCS, Huron, South Dakota.

“Local and regional technical specialists with the NRCS can help you develop a plan to address how to best manage non-planted cropland,” says Jennifer Wurtz, EQIP Coordinator, NRCS, Huron. “Operators or landowners should apply immediately before the June 28, deadline.” says Wurtz.  NRCS specialists are available for one on one on-farm consultations.

Producers are advised to check with USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) administering the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) if applicable and their crop insurance agent on prevented planting requirements as well as haying, grazing or harvest restrictions for cover crops grown on prevented planting acres. USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) has posted frequently asked questions on delayed and prevented planting for producers on their website.

For more information about the EQIP or to apply, please call to make an appointment at your local NRCS office or visit