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NRCS State Technical Committee to Meet December 4, 2018, in Huron, SD

Contact: Colette Kessler, State Public Affairs Officer | Phone: (605) 220-1765

NRCS State Technical Committee to Meet December 4, 2018, in Huron, SD

NATURAL RESOURCES CONSERVATION SERVICE (NRCS), Huron, S.D., Nov. 19, 2018–The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) serving South Dakota will hold the regular scheduled State Technical Committee (STC) Meeting at 10 a.m. CST at the Crossroads Hotel and Convention Center located at 100 Fourth Street SW, Huron, SD. The STC serves as an advisor to the NRCS State Conservationist.

The tentative agenda items for the December 4, 2018, meeting include updates on: the Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) with Ducks Unlimited - Progress and 2019 Plan for CIG Evaluation Cover Crops as Potential Nesting Habitat on Working Lands; Conservation Collaboration Grant and Agreement Update for Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 and 2018 and the plan for 2019; NRCS Soil Health staff introductions; SD Soil Health Coalition Update; Farm Bill Program Updates for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (Future Focus Approach, 2019 Program Timing), Regional Conservation Partnership Program 2019 Update, Conservation Stewardship Program FY2019-1 – Renewal Status Update; Conservation Easement Program Updates, Conservation Reserve Program Update, and the South Dakota Wetland/HEL Compliance Update. 

The NRCS State Public Affairs Officer, Colette Kessler, Huron, says "Based on the tentative agenda items, we anticipate the meeting will be adjourned on a routine schedule (approximately 12:30 or 1 p.m.); therefore, no lunch break will be scheduled." 

Requests for information regarding additional topics should be directed to Kathy Irving, Secretary, State Office, Huron, at (605) 352-1200, or via e-mail at

Persons needing special accommodations should contact Kathy Irving at (605) 352-1200 or at least one week in advance of the meeting date. For more information, go to or call (605) 352-1200.  Messages can be left on our 24-hour Voicemail messaging service by dialing 1-800-872-7502, Extension 1205.