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Logos & Graphics

Visual Standards Guide

(PDF; 285 KB)

If you are unfamiliar with NRCS logos and publications, please take a moment to read our Visual Standards Guide in order to correctly follow the guidelines and branding.


USDA Logo Color USDA Logo Black Picture of USDA logo in reversed white
USDA Logo Color
(PNG, 18KB)
Black & White

(PNG; 15KB)
USDA Logo Reverse
(PNG; 18KB)

USDA-NRCS Logo in color text B&W


USDA-NRCS Logo B&W USDA-NRCS logo color with text lengthwise

USDA-NRCS Logo Color
(JPG; 759KB)

Black & White

(JPG; 723KB)
(JPG; 847KB)

USDA-NRCS logo color with text stacked

Box around the NRCS raindrop element NRCS Raindrop in Yellow

(JPG; 933KB)

NRCS Raindrop
Design Element Only
(TIFF; 3,089KB)
NRCS Raindrop Yellow
Design Element Only
(PNG; i KB)
Black NRCS Raindrop


Blue Color Header with White USDA Logo with Green Header with NRCS Name

Blue Color Header with White USDA Logo

NRCS Raindrop Black
Design Element Only
(BMP; 1,413 KB)

USDA-NRCS Publication Header
(PNG; 6 KB)

(PNG; 3 KB)

Color USDA logo with NRCS spelled out in black under the logo The official colors that NRCS can use  

USDA Signature
(PNG; 92 KB)

These are the official primary and secondary colors to be used with NRCS publications and products.

NRCS Color Scheme (JPG; 201 KB)

What NOT to do:
The raindrop should not be used
with the NRCS acronym or name
to appear as a logo.
Old graphic of NRCS logo crossed out Old graphic of NRCS logo crossed out