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Standard Dry Hydrant CADD Drawings

SC NRCS Dry Hydrant Drawings


hydrant1.jpg (21335 bytes)


A table listing the standard Dry Hydrant CADD Drawings available in three different document formats.
Description Image
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AutoCAD Format
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Microstation Format
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Details with 90 degree ell sceng190a.jpg sceng190a.dwgAutoCAD Drawing Icon sceng190a.dgn
Details with 2 - 45 degree ells sceng190b.jpg sceng190b.dwgAutoCAD Drawing Icon sceng190b.dgn
Pipe Support & Protective Base Pad sceng190c.jpg sceng190c.dwgAutoCAD Drawing Icon sceng190c.dgn
Tank Details without Divider sceng190d.jpg sceng190d.dwgAutoCAD Drawing Icon sceng190d.dgn
Tank Details with Divider sceng190e.jpg sceng190e.dwgAutoCAD Drawing Icon sceng190e.dgn
Tank Filler Details sceng190f.jpg sceng190f.dwgAutoCAD Drawing Icon sceng190f.dgn