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South Carolina Hispanic Emphasis Program

South Carolina Hispanic Emphasis Program


The Hispanic Emphasis Program (HEP) manager assures the needs and problems of personsof Hispanic origin are taken into consideration in the NRCS workforce in South Carolina.The HEPM seeks to ensure that Hispanics have an equal opportunity to compete for federal employment and promotions.  The HEPM also distributes information statewide during Hispanic Heritage Month September 15-October 15.


Carl Wright is currently the HEPM in South Carolina.  He is a Soil Conservation Technician in the Dorchester field office.



Other Information

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Sabrenna Bryant at 803-765-5419.

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

HEPM Plan of Work 2014 (PDF; 232 KB)
Conservation Plan Brochure  (en español) (PDF; 2 MB)   NEW!
Spanish-English Dictionary (PDF; 143 KB)   NEW!
Spanish Definitions of Beginning Farmer and Socially Disadvantaged (PDF; 97 KB) NEW!
Awep Ccpi en Espanol (PDF; 40 KB) 
2010 Hispanic Heritage Month Poster  (PDF; 442 KB) 
US Census Facts for Hispanic Heritage Month  (PDF; 94 KB) 
CHCI 2011 Program Applications  (PDF; 66 KB) 
Mexico Fact Sheet  (PDF; 205 KB) 
Puerto Rico Fact Sheet  (PDF; 163 KB) 
Puerto Rican Poet Julia de Burgos Honored with US Stamp  (PDF; 156 KB)
NHEC Opportunities Letter  (PDF; 15 KB) 
NM Institute Fact Sheet  (PDF; 128 KB) 
NM Institute How to Apply  (PDF; 111 KB) 
NM Institute Student Application  (PDF; 115 KB) 
NM Institute Student Medical Form   (PDF; 109 KB) 
Scholarship Opportunities for New Americans and Minorities (PDF; 497 KB)
HEPM Plan of Work 2010  (PDF; 122 KB) 

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