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To Reset Forgotten TSP Password

NOTE: This will not work if you have not created security questions. If that is the case, please contact the eAuthentication helpdesk at or 800-457-3642.

To Reset your forgotten password:

1. Click on

2. Click on "Update Your Account" (on the left side of the screen.)

3. Click "Continue" at the purple Warning screen.

4. At the login screen click on "Reset My Forgotten Password" (right side of the screen.)

5. Fill in your User ID. Level 2 users will also be prompted to fill in answers to security questions. Note: The answers you provide must match the information in your profile exactly (except for case sensitivity.)

6. If successful, you will be prompted to enter a permanent password according to the requirements listed on the screen. (Level 1 users will receive it at the email address listed in their account profile.)

7. You may need to wait up to 15-30 minutes before you attempt to log in to other eAuthentication-protected websites.

If you don't remember all the information, with the following:

Your user ID:

Your date of birth:

Your mother's maiden name:

Your 4-digit PIN (if you remember it):