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Water Areas

Soil Map Unit Description from the RI Soil Survey Report

W�Water (Miscellaneous Area).

This map unit consists of large streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, reservoirs, ocean, bay's, lagoons, and human made water bodies. Areas range from less than 1 acre to the 3,500 acre Scituate Reservoir. The map unit is unsuited for most non-aquatic uses.

Ws�Water, saline (Miscellaneous Area).

This map unit consists of salt water bodies (ocean, bays, estuaries, coastal lagoons, and brackish areas) subject to tidal fluctuations. Water, saline was separated from the fresh water unit (water) using remote sensing data, soil map units, and locating the first dam or restriction to the ocean for the major streams and rivers. In the future shallow water areas will be classified as soil, the major coastal lagoon along the south shore of Washington County are currently mapped as subaqueous soils. The map unit is unsuited for most non-aquatic uses.

UPDATE: Shallow water bodies are now considered soil areas particularly areas with rooted vegetation (fresh and salt water). For information on shallow water soil areas visit: Data for most of the coastal lagoons in Washington County are now available.

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