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Udipsamment Soils

Soil Map Unit Description from the RI Soil Survey Report

UAB´┐ŻUdipsamments, undulating (Coastal Dunes and Back barriers).

This unit consists of sand dunes and depressional or level, sandy areas that have been stabilized by vegetation. The areas are along beaches, are long and narrow, and mostly range from 5 to 75 acres. The areas of this unit that are subject to foot and vehicular traffic have less than 10 percent of the surface covered by vegetation, but in undisturbed areas vegetation covers about 65 percent of the surface.

Included with this unit in mapping are areas, up to 10 acres in size, of Beaches and Matunuck mucky peat. Included areas make up about 2 percent of this map unit.

The permeability of this soil is very rapid. Available water capacity is very low, and runoff is very slow.

Most areas of this soil are used for summer recreation activities or for community development purposes such as summer cottages and parking lots.

The soil is not suited to trees or most other uses. The major limitations are droughtiness and position on the landscape. Capability subclass and woodland group not assigned.

UPDATE: The Coastal Zone of Rhode Island is currently being updated and re-mapped, for more information on this update visit: