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EQIP Practices Damaged by Recent Blizzard (e.g., High Tunnels)

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Practices Damaged by the Recent Blizzard (e.g., High Tunnels)

-     Producers who have previously installed conservation practices which were damaged by the recent blizzard are encouraged to contact their local NRCS field office for guidance.

-     EQIP participants are responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of all conservation practices under the EQIP contract, including normal maintenance and repairs that are needed during the lifespan of funded conservation practices. 

-     Depending on the circumstances, financial assistance may be available to reapply the conservation practice. In order to qualify for assistance the following conditions must be met:

  • The producer must still meet the basic program and payment eligibility requirements
  • The practice must have been previously installed using a financially assisted conservation program (such as EQIP)
  • It must be determined that the practice failure was beyond the control of the producer

-     EQIP program participants who failed to follow operation and maintenance (O&M) requirements must repair or replace the conservation practice at their own expense or else risk being placed in contract violation. 

-     NRCS will not place the participant in violation if NRCS determines that the failure of the conservation practice was due to circumstances beyond the participant’s control.  In these cases, as identified above, the participant may also be eligible for NRCS assistance for re-application of the failed practice depending upon the availability of funding and payment eligibility criteria.

To report EQIP practices damaged by the recent blizzard, please contact the Rhode Island Field Office at (401) 828-1300 or via E-mail at