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National EQIP Organic Initiative - Your Responsibilities

Below is a brief outline of what you will be responsible for when you sign an EQIP Organic Initiative contract.

To read more, please download the EQIP application (CPA-1200) and read the appendix. You can download and read the application and appendix by visiting the application materials & documents page.

By signing an EQIP Organic Initiative contract, you agree to:

  • pursue and obtain organic certification or be in compliance with organic certification.
  • develop and carry out an organic system plan or carry out practices consistent with an organic system plan.
  • start a financially assisted practice within the first 12 months of the contract period.
  • install the planned conservation practices according to a schedule defined in your contract.
  • install the planned conservation practices according to NRCS design standards.
  • operate and maintain these practices or activities for their intended purposes and life span of the practice as identified in your contract.
  • obtain written approval before starting to install a conservation practice that is part of your contract. Starting a practice without written approval from NRCS will result in the ineligibility of that practice for EQIP payments, unless you request a waiver from the State Conservationist and your waiver request is approved.
  • comply with the terms and conditions of the contract and all applicable federal, State, Tribal and local laws.