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National EQIP Organic Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements vary from program to program. Please call your local NRCS office to discuss your specific situation.

In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements for the general EQIP program, applicants to the EQIP Organic Initiative need to meet several other requirements.

Certified organic farmers need to:

  • submit a copy of their current organic system plan (OSP) to NRCS when they apply for the EQIP Organic Initiative.
  • maintain their organic certification for the length of their EQIP contract.

Transitioning organic farmers need to:

  • begin or be in the process of transitioning to a certified organic operation. This requirement also applies to producers earning less than $5,000 annually in agricultural sales.
  • be working with an organic certifying agency.

For more information on obtaining organic certification and an organic system plan, please visit our resources page.