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Bigapple Soils

Soil Map Unit Description from the RI Soil Survey Report (2010 Update)

BiB - Bigapple sand, 0 to 8 percent slopes (2010 Update for the RI Coastal Zone Soil Survey Phase I - please download the latest copy of the spatial data).

These nearly level to gently sloping,  areas are mapped on anthropogenic landforms along the Coastal Zone along Washington County from Point Judith to Westerly. Bigapple soils are excessively to well drained soils formed in thick deposits of human transported material derived mainly from dredged sand, marsh, and dune material.

Bigapple soils are typically vegetated with beachgrass, reeds (Phargmites), sedges, and saplings. Some areas are used for recreational purposes, development, and wildlife habitat.

Included with this unit in mapping are small areas of Fortress soils on lower elevations; Hooksan soils on nearby undisturbed dunes; Succotash soils on back-barriers; and Sandyhook soils on tidal marshes. Also included are areas of buried tidal marshes below 65 inches and mixed tidal peat in the soil profile. Included areas make up about 5 percent of this map unit.

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Official Series Description:

UPDATE: The Coastal Zone of Rhode Island is currently being updated and re-mapped, for more information on this update visit: