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Soil Survey order form

Soil Survey Order Form

All of Rhode Island is covered by one soil survey - the "Soil Survey of Rhode Island" (USDA-SCS, July 1981). The "Soil Survey of Rhode Island" Contains 1 in = 1320ft (1:15,840) scale aerial photo based soil maps, descriptions of each soil type, and interpretive information about the use of the soils.

Picture Rhode Island Soil Survey

The published Soil Survey of Rhode Island is considered to be an archived (outdated) report and Not "Official" USDA-NRCS soil data. The source to obtain "Official" NRCS soil maps (spatial data) and interpretive information (tabular data) is from the Soil Data Mart ( and the Web Soil Survey (

The archived published report (manuscript and maps) has been scanned into an electronic format and is posted online at: a GIS file of the index to the atlas sheets with hyperlinks to the scanned map sheets is available at:

For other sources of Rhode Island soils information and maps in digital form link to:
RIGIS Data (NAD 83, RI State Plane, feet)
Online soil and other resource inventory maps visit the RI DEM Environmental Resource Mapper:

To Order a hard copy of the Rhode Island Soil Survey Please send an e-mail request Michelle A. Moore.   Include your name, phone number, mailing address and soil survey in the subject line. A copy of the soil survey you requested will be sent by third class mail in about two weeks. If you need the information immediately, call Michelle at 401-822-8844.