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An Introduction to the Conservation Planning Process for TSPs

Trainers (standing in back row on left side) and participants at the June 20 2017 TSP workshop.TSPs (Technical Service Providers) are professionals who help farmers to implement conservation on their land, following NRCS quality and standards. TSPs provide technical services to farmers such as planning, designing and certifying conservation practices.

On Tuesday, June 20, 2017, an Introduction to the Planning Process in Conservation workshop was held at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Tropical Agriculture Research Station (TARS) to solicit PR professionals to participate in this USDA program. NRCS trainers Gregorio Cruz (TSP Regional Certifier), agronomist Carlos E. Morganti (NRCS retiree now working in the ACES program), José Castro (Assistant Director for Programs), and Jaime Valentín (State Resource Conservationist), led this third TSP workshop.

Gregorio Cruz describes how to participate in the TSP program at June 2017 workshopOver 10 engineers, agronomists and university students participated in the workshop, which covered conservation plan development, including the plan, maps and forms required to process technical services. Agro. Morganti shared his 30+ years of experience in conservation planning and led participants through a detailed description of how to use the NRCS 9-step planning model to develop a sound conservation plan. The NRCS model, divided into 3 phases, provides systematic assistance to farmers and helps NRCS staff and TSPs to provide high quality and comprehensive conservation customer service.

Agros. Cruz and Valentín provided participants with pertinent information about how to register for the TSP program and complete the certification process. Finally, links and contacts are being proposed to be able and use future workshops for continuing education credit for engineering and agronomic professionals.

Carlos Morganti delivers conservation planning presentation at TSP workshop in June 2017TSPs are registered and certified either by license, education or experience in the development, management, administration and production of the necessary documentation of the service provided. The TSP also maintains compliance with federal civil rights rules and regulations, and confidentiality in documents with private information. A Technical Services Provider must meet all federal, state and local regulations for any practice in which the individual or business is certified. The use of a TSP has to be pre-approved by NRCS and included in the conservation contract.

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