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Explore & Learn about Caribbean Wetlands for National Wetlands Month

Luis Cruz-Arroyo, NRCS Caribbean Area Director
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NRCS Caribbean MLRA Soil Scientist, Abdiel Santana, describes the soils in Jobos Bay wetlands.Farmers and landowners can help Wetlands thrive in Puerto Rico & the USVI through Wetland Reserve Easements and Mitigation Banking Programs

San Juan, PR, May 27, 2020 – May is American Wetlands Month, a time to celebrate one of nature’s most productive ecosystems and the wonderful ways wetlands enrich the environment and our lives.

May is a wonderful time to appreciate the wonders of wetlands. Wetlands protect plants and provide habitat for wildlife, including endangered or threatened species. They also filter water, reduce soil loss, sequester carbon from the atmosphere, reduce flooding and recharge groundwater. And they provide recreational opportunities such as hunting and fishing.

NRCS offers financial and technical assistance to farmers and private landowners through programs to create, restore, and enhance wetlands,” said NRCS Caribbean Area Director Luis Cruz-Arroyo. “The Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP)’s Wetland Reserve Easement component offers opportunities to put marginal cropland and other eligible land into permanent and 30-year easements. NRCS accepts ACEP WRE applications year-round but applications are ranked and funded by annual enrollment periods. NRCS is holding our 2020 ACEP signup for Puerto Rico and the USVI now until May 29th.

NRCS is also using creative methods to help farmers and private forest landowners meet Farm Bill goals through its Wetland Mitigation Bank Program. Wetland mitigation banking helps restore, create or enhance wetlands to compensate for unavoidable impacts on wetlands at other locations. Working with states, territories, local governments, and American Indian tribes, NRCS helps them develop wetland mitigation banks. NRCS is currently accepting proposals for new projects through July 6, 2020.

American Wetlands Month was created in 1991 by EPA and its federal, state, tribal, local, non-profit, and private sector partners to celebrate the vital importance of wetlands to the Nation’s ecological, economic, and social health and to educate Americans about the value of wetlands as a natural resource. As we celebrate wetlands month, please join us in thanking our producers, partners, educators and others for helping to protect wetlands.

Did You Know?

  • EPA conducted the first ever National Wetlands Condition Assessment (NWCA) in 2011. The survey encompassed tidal and nontidal wetlands and was the first of its kind to evaluate the ecological condition of our nation’s wetlands.
  • The second round of NWCA sampling was completed in 2016 with a report projected for 2020.

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